SPA Area

Cosy warmth in all your bones, sweat away your stress, simply let yourself float in the water or do your laps, our SPA area is at your disposal with a comprehensive range of offers. The importance of time for oneself is often underestimated. So add a few special feel-good moments to your schedule.


Do a few laps first thing in the morning before breakfast? Due to the size of our swimming pool, no problem. Enjoy the "cool water" at a pleasant 28°C - the day couldn't start any better. With the good feeling of having already done something for yourself, you can start your day refreshed in our hotel not far from the wonderful North Sea.

Sauna and Steam Bath

Doing something positive for your health is so easy! For instance, regular sauna sessions are part of it. After an exciting day at the beautiful North Sea Coast, a trip to the sauna is the best way to regenerate physically and mentally. While your little ones are making new friends in the KidsClub, enjoy the time for complete relaxation. If the sauna is too hot for you, our steam bath awaits you at 50°C, which is not quite as hot, but with a lot of moisture. This is the perfect place to reflect on your day and look forward to the next one. Maybe you'll even make fantastic plans for the next day.