Experience Family Time on East Frisia’s North Sea Coast!

Something is always going on in your cheerful Familotel, the Hotel Deichkrone.

We cordially invite everyone to a cheerful family holiday in Norden
Norddeich who are looking for a familiar, uncomplicated atmosphere
at the North Sea. Our Familotel offers adults and children a pleasant
and varied holiday time. If you have any questions or special requirements
regarding board or lodgings, please feel free to call us: +49 4931 9282828

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Hotel Deichkrone - Our Character Features of Your Family Hotel

As a FAMILOTEL, we provide everything you need for a relaxing family holiday:
From fantastic accommodation, all-inclusive premium catering and children's entertainment
to a certified school for swimming. We take care, you enjoy!

The Right Accommodation for Each Family Our Rooms and More for You

Whether single with child, young family with small children,
large family with children like organ pipes or multi-generational holiday,
we have the right accommodation for every wish.

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Arrive and Feel at Home Immediately Our Offers and More for You

For a wonderful, exciting family holiday
on the North Sea coast at all seasons, we have created
some amazing value-added prices.

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    North Is Much More than a Wind Direction Arrive and Feel at Home in East Frisia

    The East Frisian North Sea coast has a lot to offer at all seasons.
    Dikes & sheep, beaches & sea with mudflats, islands & coast, old & new mills,
    buccaneers & chieftains, pure breezes & strong storms - you simply have to experience it for yourself.

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      As You like It Awesome if Everyone Was Satisfied

      Everyone has their own wishes and ideas about their family holiday at the North Sea.
      On these pages, we would like to inform you as best as possible about what we have to offer
      and also allow our guests to express their experiences:

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