Swim School

Learning to swim is so important: since swimming is a basic skill like riding a bike or running. As a parent you know: the child can help itself, whether in the swimming pool or in a lake. Even in seawater, the newly trained "flipper" can stand next to mum and dad in a completely different way when he has mastered the technique and can move around in the water.

We think it is important to teach children to swim and realise that this skill is no longer taken for granted. Therefore, we have made it our mission to teach children how to swim in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Our swim school has already accompanied many proud new swimmers on their first laps. Many parents were able to sew the proudly acquired first swimming badge onto the swimwear with the sewing kit in the hotel room - take the opportunity to take this big step on holiday in peace and without the stress of everyday life.

But one thing is always clear: where do all the water rats meet when the sea is not there? In one of our two swimming pools in the hotel! And how nice is it when some of the little hotel guests make their first experiences with bathing and swimming here in the large pool or in the small baby pool at pleasantly warm temperatures.