Explore the East Frisian Islands on a Boat Trip

Located in close proximity to the coast, the Hotel Deichkrone is a convenient starting point for a boat trip to one of the dune islands. Let's set sail!

Fancy a Boat Trip to one of the Beautiful Islands?

Thanks to its favourable location, the Deichkrone is the perfect base for delightful boat trips. The coast is just a few hundred metres away, allowing you to reach Norddeich Harbour on foot in 20 minutes. The seven East Frisian Islands offer something for every taste and promise pure relaxation with a leisurely journey.

Only a few kilometres from the coast, the islands of Juist and Norderney in the Wadden Sea are can easily be reached by ferry via the ferry terminal in Norddeich. A bit further away but still impressive to visit are the islands of Borkum (via the seaport city of Emden), Baltrum (via the harbour of Neßmersiel), Langeoog (via the harbour of Bensersiel), Spiekeroog (via the harbour of Neuharlingersiel), and Wangerooge (via the harbour of Harlesiel).

Each island has its own unique features. For example, the island Norderney, known for its impressive dune landscape, its imposing lighthouse and the Watt Welten visitor centre. Additionally, Norderney offers an impressive event programme with up to 1,200 large and small events.

Großes Anker-Denkmal auf Norderney, welches über eine Bootstour erreichbar ist , mit Blick auf den Strand, klaren blauen Himmel und Wellen der Nordsee, Strandkörbe und Gebäude im Hintergrund

Off to New Adventures on the North Sea with the Fishing Trawler!

Fischkutter NDR225 mit ausgefahrenen Netzen auf rauer Nordsee vor sandigem Hintergrund, blauer Himmel und eine grüne Boje auf dem Wasser

Are you up for a little trawler trip with the Nordmeer NOR-225 - one of Norddeich's last active wooden fishing trawlers, on a 1.5 to 2-hour excursion? The excursion takes you through the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea, past seal banks and habitats of other animals that call the mudflats home. Afterwards, there is a small fishing demonstration where the crew explains the functionality of a fishing trawler. At the end, each passenger receives a certificate as "Leichtmatrose" from the Wadden Sea of Norddeich.

For more information on timetables and tickets, click here.

Climb Aboard and Be Whisked away on Wonderful Boat Trips at Sea and to the Islands!

Get ready for unforgettable experiences on the North Sea and on land! The boat trips from Norddeich and its surroundings give you the opportunity to explore the diversity of the islands and create lasting memories.

Do you prefer to go by car or bike? Then we have something for you!